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Contents of : Chapter 1 - Before Getting Started

This chapter outlines the foundational ideas for coaching. Coaches should give due consideration to these central ideas before starting the season. These essentials provide a glimpse of the fundamentals and the relevant learning methods to expand mobility and develop the players so they can play better together to score and to prevent the other team from scoring.


1.1         The Game – Gaining Greater Mobility

1.2         Player Manoeuvres

1.3         The Basketball Court and the Rules

1.4         Communicating – Using Beeballese

1.5         Player Manoeuvres and the Micro-team Methods

1.6         Triangle-of-players Formations

1.7         The Coaching Manner

1.8         Sharing the Burden

1.9         The Practicing and Playing Perspective

1.10        Before Getting Started – An Overview

1.11        The Agreements

1.12        A Balanced Basketball Plan

1.13        The Inside Game

1.14        Getting Stops and Shots

1.15        Gaining the Initiative

1.16        Coaching Points – Ideas for Coaches

1.17        Purpose, Technique, and Being Successful

1.18        The Game – Basketball Lore

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