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About the book

This book is a resource of basketball ideas. It is written for coaches who are ready to review the principles and methods of the game before getting started with a new team and for renewing coaches who are reviewing their craft for the next season. Reviewing and renewing to gain greater understanding makes the game better for everyone. The content herein is not the authoritative last word but it does put forward the important ideas for developing players and the game at a fundamental level. This resource provides a synopsis of essentials including a comprehensive outline of the basic manoeuvres and processes for developing players’ skills and overall mobility. A substantial quantity of relevant game-specific basketball applications have been added to the mix for good measure. This book also lays the basis for a more advanced game if needed.

I want to note that the ideas I put forth in this book are based on my experiences playing and coaching over many years. I have synthesized much of the practical coaching knowhow contained herein by playing the game, reading basketball books and periodicals, studying games, coaching players, discussing basketball with my associates, and attending clinics given by renowned high school, college, and university basketball coaches. I have been the beneficiary of many great ideas from others. This book is my unique contribution based on a synthesis of those ideas and my own thinking and experience. My intention in sharing these basketball ideas is to advance the game, to make it better for the players and the people who support them. If a coach appreciates the game and the players and is immersed in a milieu of ever-expanding basketball events wondrous transformations in knowledge, perspective, and appreciation can occur.

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