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The book is about constructing, consolidating, and expanding player mobility and skills using micro-teams.

The book is organized into twenty-one chapters of coaching materials. These chapters present the principles and essential ideas of the game, coaching methods for constructing, consolidating, and expanding player understanding and skills along with suggestions for developing greater mobility and teamwork. The Basketball Coach’s Primer is a substantive source of ideas for preparing players to play a season of basketball.




Chapter 1    Before Getting Started

Chapter 2    Let’s Get Started

Chapter 3    Leadership and Followership

Chapter 4    The Principles of Defence

Chapter 5    Defensive Questions

Chapter 6    Limiting

Chapter 7    Building Rebounding

Chapter 8    Man and Zone Defences

Chapter 9    Transition Basketball

Chapter 10   Passing


Chapter 11   Shooting and Scoring

Chapter 12   Player Manoeuvres

Chapter 13   Expanding the Player Manoeuvres

Chapter 14   The Fast Break

Chapter 15   The Principles of Offence

Chapter 16   Half-court Offensive Setups

Chapter 17   The Specialties

Chapter 18   The Practice Plan

Chapter 19   Practice Plan Supplements

Chapter 20   The Game Plan

Chapter 21   Basketball Information


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